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Late Mrs Sita Gurung

We recently sadly lost a beloved member of our BNS society Mrs. Sita Kumari Gurung due to coronavirus. The whole BNS society offers our heartfelt condolences to the family.

In order to lend a hand to the family in these difficult times, the BNS Executive Board initiated a Fundraising exercise within the BNS community. The community members generously contributed to this effort subsequently raising £1,454 within a two week period.

The fund was formally handed (via bank transfer) to Mr. Tek Gurung husband of Late Mrs. Sita Kumari Gurung on 23rd of February 2021. Mr. Tek Gurung graciously acknowledged receipt of the fund and expressed his utmost gratitude to the BNS community for all the love and support given to him during these trying times.

BNS President Mrs. Kamala Rai  thanked everyone for their kind contributions and was grateful that as a community we had come together responding to the need and building a mutual community response.